Friday, 23 January 2009

Roombox - Ikea style Bedroom 風格臥室(done on 17-08-2007)

This one of roombox are learn from Ms Chiang from Taiwan. Travelling of this trip are useful for me coz i had learn much of handmade miniature technics.
為了讓自己的技術更快進步, 所以我到台灣跟張老師學袖珍製作. 以下是我的"功課".

The above show is the fullview and not yet install the lamp setting.
娃娃屋的整體, 還未裝上燈的裝置.

The TV cabinet, plasma TV and mini hi-fi are made by bazaar wood.

電視櫃, 平面電視, 迷你音響都是用飛機木製作的.


The coke is brought from Taiwan miniature shop.

The up-view.

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