Friday, 23 January 2009

Miniature Dollhouse - Flower Bedroom 花語之寢 (Done on 20/07/2007)

This is the first handmade of miniature dollhouse, never learn it from others.... only learn from book and information from website....
這是我的第二個作品. 花了很多時間完成, 沒有很好的伎倆.
All the miniature with scale 1:12.
袖珍娃娃屋的比例是 1﹕12﹐ 就是量實物的尺寸﹐然後除以 12.
The pink teddy bear are made by resin clay.
熊是用樹脂黏土捏的. 都是依照書本的教學製作.

A pink color bedroom are the famous of girl....


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